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Add the art of dance to your workout with online classes that you can do in your home designed specifically for you.

Our World Class Instructors

These are a handful of the rockstars who create the magic at the 101. Today, they are names on a screen but soon some of these extraordinary people will become very important to you

Katie Britt

Dance & Fitness Instructor

John James

Professional Dancer

Lauren Banks

Dance & Fitness Instructor

Kimmie G

Professional Dancer

Ofelia de La Valette

Dance & Fitness Instructor

Tara McCurley

Professional Dancer

Ashleigh Hughes

REB3L Dance & Fitness Instructor

Monique Latalladi

Dance & Stretch Instructor


"These online classes make you feel like you're in class even when you're at home dancing by yourself"

Jessica D.


"A great workout! Really fun to do with a lot of variety"

Tonia R.


"There's no studio like this around me so I love that I can take these classes anywhere I go. Thank you dance 101 for going online"

Michelle T.


<p>Jessica D.</p>, <p>Subscriber </p>
<p>Tonia R.</p>, <p>Subscriber </p>
<p><span class="text-lg">Michelle T.</span></p>, <p>Subscriber</p>

Enjoy the Benefits of Dance

Strong cardio health

Weight loss

Long, lean muscles

Stress relief

Better sleep

Cognitive and memory improvement

Mind and body coordination

Artistic expression

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