How do I login to my account? 

    Do I have access to all the classes in the library? 

    • You get unlimited access to our entire catalog with all of our plans. You can find the catalog here: On-Demand page

    Do you offer livestream classes? If so, where do I find the schedule?

    • We offer both Livestream classes and Prerecorded On-demand classes. Our full class catalog can be found here: On-Demand and our Livestream schedule can be found here: Livestream

    How long will classes remain on the website?

    • We don’t plan on deleting any of the classes. You will have access to all of them as long as you have an active subscription plan. With that said, some livestream replay classes are only accessible until end of day. This is due to our agreement with these outside brands.

    Am I locked into a contract when I sign up?

    • No. You can sign up for our monthly or annual plan and if you decide that you want to cancel at any time, you can. There is no cancelation fee.

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    • You may cancel your subscription by going to Sign In > Dashboard > Billing > Cancel 
    • If you do not see the option to cancel, but are certain you have an active subscription, it is likely that you signed up via the iPhone or Apple TV app, in which case your subscription is managed by Apple. Here's some info on how to cancel an Apple managed account:

    How often are classes added to the platform?

    • We livestream around 8-9 classes per week with around 5 prerecorded On-Demand classes per month. We aim for around 40 new classes per month. All these classes can be viewed on the On-Demand page.

      Can I get a refund?

      • Subscriptions are non-refundable. If you are on a monthly recurring subscription you may cancel at any time and will not be charged for further months. You will still have access to classes until the period you have paid for expires. If you are on a yearly subscription you may cancel at any time but will not be refunded for the remaining period of your subscription.  You will still have access to the classes until your year ends. No further charges will be made once you cancel your subscription.

      Is your service available in my country?

      • Our service is available worldwide! However, a handful of countries and internet service providers might block either our site, or American websites in general.  If you are having trouble viewing our site, consider trying a VPN service.

      Are classes filmed/edited with a mirror effect?

      • Yes. We flip all the footage in our online classes so that you can more easily follow along.  For instance, when the instructor lifts their arm to the side, you should lift your arm to the same side. When they say “right” it truly means “right” to you as well. 

      Is the annual subscription a one time payment?

      • The annual plan is an up front payment for the year. You save more money with this plan and it is renewed every year on the date of purchase. 

      How do I connect/cast classes to my TV?

      • You can use Chromecast, Apple TV, or a wired connection (usually HDMI) from your laptop. When you pull up a video, in the bottom right corner there is a tv cast icon next to the full screen icon. Click this and your options to broadcast to your Chromecast or smart TV will appear. Click on your preferred option and enjoy!

      Do you offer beginner level classes?

      • Majority of the classes we offer are beginner based. You can filter class levels, teachers and styles on the On-Demand page right under the banner video, here is a quick link to the filter area: Filter We also try to stick to content that is more accessible at home that doesn't require a lot of space or equipment. 

      Is there a free trial? How does this work?

      • We offer a Free Trial option on all of our plans, so you can try our classes for free before paying! Just pick a plan, create an account and enjoy!

      Do you have rights to play music in your classes?

      • All of our classes have music picked by our choreographers themselves. For any and all music on our website, we have multiple music licenses with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and GMR granting us access to use this content.

      Are there any discount codes or promotions going on?   

      • We occasionally post discount codes through pop-ups on the website. If you see one, then there is an active code!

      Please feel free to tag us after your classes on any social platform! 

      • We’d love for you to do this.  Just tag @dance101studios on instagram or @dance101 on Facebook. You can also use #dance101online and #dance101